Bayern Munchen 1:0 Hamburg

Bayern Munich conquered the table point! The point play against the HSV was long time an affair for tactics lovers, before Franck Ribéry led the eleven of Louis van Gaal to the victory.

The FC Bayern Munich decided the point play of the federal league for itself. Up to the conclusion quarter of an hour it smelled in the alliance arena against that Hamburg sports association after a zero-number, before Franck Ribéry the hosts with the 1:0 – victory hit rewarded.


Nothing new with the FC Bavaria: Daniel van Buyten was missing against its former employer, Holger Badstuber defended for it in the center and Diego Contento accumulated on the left outer orbit. Marks van Bommel, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Franck Ribéry and Arjen seals formed the centre zone. The points were called Thomas’s Mueller and Mario Gomez.

The HSV had to do among other things without Ruud van Nistelrooy and Marcell Jansen. Mladen Petric, which had received an impact against Eindhoven on the Knöchel, could accumulate against it. In the central centre zone played the two ex native of Munich David Jarolim and Zé Roberto, the offensive outside occupied Eljero Elia and Piotr Trochowski. Jerome Boateng was allowed as a link defender ran, with it played Guy Demel, Joris Mathijsen and David Rozehnal in the Viererkette.


After a short phase of scanning the portion took up it starting from the tenth minute of trip and gave chances on both sides. First of it assigned Thomas’s Mueller who after fine pass on from Bastian Schweinsteiger franc rust over-lifted, but the ball landed on the gate net (13.). On the opposite side Hans Jörg Butt scratched worth seeing a Trochowski shot from the angle (18.). Later that set four minutes Hamburg midfield player an attempt from the distance over the crossbar (22.).

Bavaria had clearly more from the play and combined obligingly/pleasingly. If it went then however toward Hamburg Strafraum, it lacked the precision and the protection against „the red trousers “stood excellently. So Mladen Petric had good chance for the guests shortly before the break still another: After a ball loss of Diego Contento twisted the Croat from 15 meters (45.).


The HSV came without Keeper franc rust from the cab, it had injured to be replaced. For him substitute Wolfgang Hesl played. In the play happening against it first nothing changed. The heads of the household had clearly more ball possession, found however no way by the closely graduated Hamburgers defensive. High points were long time goods in short supply, the public became appreciably jerkier.

Finally to date weak Franck Ribéry pierced the knot: It shifted Guy Demel at the punishing space border and took off from halfleft position. Its hard shot struck in the short hits a corner (78.). The only chance to reconciliation assigned the exchanged Tunay Torun, which cut back a flank on the slat (83.).


Those Hamburg defensive around Joris Mathijsen and David Rozehnal played magnificently. Also the counsels for the defense Guy Demel and Jerome Boateng made their thing good. _ with the FC Bavaria stand out Bastian Schweinsteiger and Thomas Mueller out.


Long the record master at the HSV defense the teeth bit itself 70 minutes out. Then Ribéry slammed shut and decided with a single action the play.


Bastian Schweinsteiger delivered a strong achievement in the central centre zone the native of Munich again before the eyes of coach of the national team Jogi Löw.

ARBITRATOR: Lutz Wagner – note: 8

The impartial one had no trouble with the fair portion. Up to a few little things it gave to expose to nothing at its achievement.

Note: The evaluation scale is enough as with the play note of one point (grottenschlecht) until ten points (world class).


The point play did not hold, which promised it. There were hardly gate space scenes, much took place between the Sechzehnern. From tactical view it was only a mad portion.


Owing to its crucial hit Franck Ribéry might win also in the Castrol index ground. After driving downhill in the last three months it ranks 69. 19 counters at present with 720 points on rank is missing to it to a place under the Top 50, a feasible goal in the coming weeks.


Bavaria stand for place one and nothing else wanted them today to reach. They played too pedantically, at the end however for their expenditure and many the ball possession were rewarded.

David Luiz on target

The German record master sent allegedly a Scout to Europe League play between Benfica Lisbon and Hertha BSC Berlin. There defense player David Luiz is to be taken more exactly under the magnifying glass.

On Tuesday evening Benfica Lisbon and Hertha BSC Berlin meet one another. With Europes League portion obviously also a Scout of the German record master FC Bayern Munich to be present, reports the newspaper Diario de Noticias.

Also Chelsea and material with interest?

In the portion Benficas defense player David Luiz is to be taken more exactly under the magnifying glass. The 22-jährige Brazilian belonged in Portugal to the largest talents of the league and is high-acted also in its homeland.

Beside the FC Bayern Munich also the FC Chelsea London and Real Madrid are brought with the 22-year-old in connection.

Questions – answers

Responded on the achievement of its Mannen in Nurnberg Louis van Gaal selected the rather offensive answer style and showed its already nearly dear won attributes of a moody Diva. But the 1:1 was not really too little? We once more exactly lit up the whole thing and to give you answers to many questions – and so some a question on an answer!

Nuremberg/Munich. Against Fürth and Dortmund one was already past. Florenz one could defeat only by an irregular gate and now against the 1st FC Nuremberg the series tore. Mountain is off with the FC Bayern Munich…

Gündogan, the fun-crude

The Munich seemed to have the portion in the grasp. They hardly permitted gate chances and erspielten themselves against center of the first half time ever more play portions. Mueller nailed finally the ball into the angle and no more sheet between would have really fit there. It seemed, as if everything would take its used run. „Clarified Bayern win without large trouble “noted probably some one already promptly on its note pad. But nothing was it. Gündogan had which against it. The 20-year old German Turk made dust with all its clarifyingness from eleven federal league plays to the 1:1 off. The only really good gate chance of the 1st FC Nuremberg should remain.

Quo vadis, loves Bayern?

Where does the way of the German record master lead? Once more showed up that the Munich are clearly more calculable, if evenly none of the two traditional Flügelflitzer stands on the place. Everyone white who is meant. Robbery, Rib and Rob or on my account franc. One can call it as one wants. With absence of both, it at ideas and speed in the offensive are missing. The Frenchman did not play and seals only at all had injured to be replaced.

Nuremberg is not Barcelona

Bayern took ten minutes after the half time reconciliation. A difficult affair, but times honestly… We speak still of the 1st FC Nuremberg and keep we the requirements of the record master in the back of the head, then one could pull now again beautifully from the leather. The twelve victories would be fast forgotten in consequence. What is one to hold now of it? One wanted to lend the document for the ultimative fun football to the FCB, now turns however again reality in. No Halli Galli football, no Harlem Globe Trotters in football shoes, only result-oriented football with corners and edges.

Demichelis the point of the defensive iceberg

After the FC Bayern won against the VfL Wolfsburg clearly and clearly and burst to Louis van Gaal nevertheless nearly the collar, since one surprised itself still. One had won nevertheless. What wants the Dutchman still? But Louis van Gaal was right. Too many gaps in the defensive. Unordered and negligent one was. A mirror image its that was to be seen afternoon yesterday. The old Bayern problem seems to return. The defense works uncertainly and reminds of the season start. The weakest member in the Viererkette is found thereby fast. Martin Demichelis delivered a further catastrophic play. Some false passports and a up-attractive leave play way let doubt the necessary attitude of the Argentiniers.

Again there the Bayern Dusel is!

Nevertheless were the chances for Bayern there. Many even. But these assigned the Munich pitifully. Olic did not seem to have found at all in the play and Gomez showed up again once unbedarft and unfortunately in its actions. Bayern fans and the remainder of the league hoped nevertheless trembled. Everyone seemed to count on the renewed guidance Bayern. There is nevertheless Bayern. Those have nevertheless the Bayern Dusel. And actually. Already the last minute of the sequel time and a clearing from the own half ran emerged as perfect passport on Mueller. However, as it failed differently should be, unfortunate. Too far it had submitted itself the ball. No Bayern Dusel thus. Luck one must evenly also fight for. Virtues which one as a player believed by an offensive circus to replace to be able.

What thus now FCB?

Despite the weak achievement one is now at least for one night table leader. One should not speak thus by far of a crisis. But a trend in the last four plays is to be recognized clearly. Munich the eleven stands crucial weeks ago. Perhaps the absorber came in the franc country to the correct time. At the latest now, all players should know that this play time does not become cash cow. Philipp lame brought it with FCB.TV well on the point. „We slept at the beginning of the second half time simply. One must say that completely clearly. There we take stop the gate. But we had to also make thereafter enough chances the second hit. “, so lame obvious. Louis van Gaal supplied itself a heated interview with Sky moderator Nickles. And Mario Gomez? Tja, continued to make before the microphones, where he had stopped at the place: „It was terribly difficult to play. The place was madly…, the ball is only and hergehoppelt. One could not fit at all correctly. “A further direct hit, Mr. Gomez.

Extending contract with Van Gaal

Van Gaal and Bayern – seems to fit. Despite a holprigen start Bavaria do not seem to stop at present. For the native of Munich obviously reason of enough to extend with the Dutchman prematurely.

The FC Bayern Munich wants to bind coach Louis van Gaal also beyond the current contract to the club. „The end of the flag bar does not have to be 30 June 2011. It is fact the fact that coach and crew understand themselves now and also mutually on this level brought itself “, said Karl-Heinz Rummenigge opposite the DSF. The chief executive Bavaria cannot imagine van Gaal as national coaches however: „I believe, Louis van Gaal am humans, that daily on the place to stand must and not only every six weeks. That is in my opinion waived with Bavaria Munich better “. Van Gaal had suggested last being able to imagine such an office in two to three years.

„Property work ”

Responded on the initial problems at the beginning of the season meant Rummenigge: „One may not forget that we had to get along the first three months without Ribéry and seals. It is clear that one cannot replace such playful quality so easily. Since they back are and again charms, this to the crew again a qualitative thrust gave. In addition then also the good work of the coach comes ”

Also van Bommel is to remain

Also a prolongation of a contract with Marks van Bommel is aimed at with the record master: „We will put ourselves after the play with the AC Florenz and will look, on which basis we the gotten. I am quite optimistic. We and the coach are very content with its achievement. I can imagine also very well that we find a solution there. “´Der contract of the captain runs out end of this season.

Nurnberg 1:1 Bayern M.

Ausrut of the FC Bayern! In the Bavarian Derby with the 1st FC Nuremberg there were Remis for the record master only sobering up a 1:1 -. Up to the break the team of Louis van Gaal everything had firmly in the grasp. But then a Youngster and a Routinier the FCB spat into the soup and prevented a record.

Nuremberg. The table guidance conquered the FC Bayern Munich at least for 26 hours. Nevertheless itself Gomez & CO had. in the Derby with the 1st FC Nuremberg to 23. Play day of the federal league with a 1:1 – Remis are content.


At „the club “coach Hecking lowered the age cut drastically. Due to their weak achievements in Gladbach min valley and Eigler appeared only in the bank. In place of the Duos the young Frantz and Gündogan in the centre zone acted. Hopes of the francs rested in front again on eleven-gates man Bunjaku.

Louis van Gaal had to be team on two positions to change. For injured van Buyten Badstuber defended inside at the side of Demichelis. At Badstubers place left in the back acted like last in half time two against Florenz Contento. For the Ribery lädierten at the knee Olic moved into the starting formation.


Under best outside conditions with Easy Credit stadium opened arbitrators Thorsten Kinhöfer the Frankish-Upper Bavarian Derby between „the club “and that, sold off plus four degrees Celsius and one with 48.518 spectators, Munich record masters. With a full success the FC Bavaria would stop the federal league record for victories in series within one season – it would be tenth for seals & CO! In the initial phase a true patience play developed. „The Clubberer “stood – not unexpectedly – extremely low and received the FCB with all man in the own half. The Vorhut formed thereby the attack duo Charisteas and Bunjaku on height of the center line. With this closely graduated machinery the Hecking team prepared table second some problems in the play at foremost front. The interface for the last passport was mostly well set by the defensively well organized francs very, so that there was no coming through for Olic & CO. „The club did not take place forward “however quasi. In minute of 25, when it went times somewhat faster, the heads of the household got directly problems. Shepherd set himself and fit seals however before the near-hasty Olic at the ball and could avoid the danger on on the right of successful in scene the center, there was. Seven minutes before the break was it then however so far and the FC Bayern slammed shut with its first large chance in person of Thomas’s Mueller ice cold. Gomez played a double passport with Olic at the left wing and fit then diagonally the center in the backs of the FCN defense, where the Youngster of the point of eleven-meter met untenable into the right angle. Seals at the Strafraum with Bavaria loan Ottl cat and served mouse played seconds before the break whistle, the leather then to Olic butter-softly, but its Volleyschuss from ten meters painted around hair-broad scarcely left at the shepherd housing past. Thus with an earned 1:0 – guidance of the championsleague eighth finalists was into the cabs. Bavaria had a clear plus at ball possession and play portions, although they created few chances against the deeply standing „club “only.


After reopening two new participants stood on the lawn. With the hosts now Choupo Moting for Charisteas and with the Münchnern Altintop for seals was allowed ran. At the beginning of the second section at least easy offensive efforts of the francs were to be recognized. And promptly these led also to success! Frantz served the Joker Choupo Moting standing halfright, whose shot Butt could only let reflect at the Strafraum, which lame could still clarify first Gündogan additional payment, after the second attempt of the young Turk burst the Easy Credit stadium however almost from all seams. One minute later tried it the freshbaked goal scorer from the distance, its attempt landed however a meter to the left of the goal. In minute of 66 again the FCN which can be recognized not again contrary to the first passage. Diekmeier left Contento untouched on Bavaria left defense protection against like a pupil player, but the conclusion of the defender from pointed angle failed too harmlessly. In the final stage the vice-master switched again a course more highly. Gomez & CO. the hosts constricted now completely around their Sechzehner. The exchanged Klose on left became generally accepted thirteen minutes before end, in order to then oppose on Gomez, but the half Spaniard failed from eleven meter because of the shining parierenden shepherd. Six minutes later the Nürnberger remained conclusion man in the same duel against the breaking through Bavaria aggressor again victoriously. In the consequence nothing more compelling and thus prevented the 1st FC Nuremberg occurred by a compact defensive achievement the victory series record within one play time of the Munich. In the long run happier, but not a point for the francs in the Derby, completely undeserved due to the efficiency and defensive achievement.


With Bavaria in passage one a perfect conception offered seals. Otherwise also lame knew to convince and with reductions Mueller.

On sides of the francs conclusion man shepherd acted outstandingly. Also the Youngster Frantz and above all Gündogan presented itself in the second section impudently and strongly.


The scene of the play was the reconciliation of the francs. And three Youngster were the leading actors. Frantz kept the overview and served Chouop Moting, which fackelte not for a long time, with Butts ricochet was Gündogan in the second attempt wide awake and brought Ekstase in the franc country.

PLAYER OF THE PLAY: Raphael shepherd

The Routinier was guarantor for particularly the counter for the Nürnberger, extremely important for the moral. With its parades it brought Gomez & CO. in particular in the second passage at edge the despair.


Thorsten Kinhöfer from Herne, with the cup semi-final between Augsburg and Cologne still in the cross fire of the criticism, delivered a tidy conception in a to a large extent fair portion. The 41-Jährige got along in this prestigious Derby with only three yellow cardboards.


In the first 45 minutes the hosts did much too little for the play, igelten themselves only in the back in. This changed after reopening and promptly increased the play quality clearly.

Note: The note scale is enough as with the play note of 1 (work arbeitsverweigerung) to 10 (world class).


Seals was outstanding the last weeks. And also in Nuremberg the Netherlands Tempodribbler showed a class achievement. Castrol of ranking confirms the Top form of the 26-Jährigen with rank twelve. Projecting man at the place with the Frankish-Upper Bavarian Derby was however the number 973 of the valuation: Raphael shepherd! A clear leap is thus guaranteed the conclusion man upward.


The guests from Munich were more or less superior over the entire play time clearly, were at foremost front not consistently enough, with which „the club earned itself “by pure efficiency and a good defense achievement the Remis.