We have spread a bit scared

The second half opener was a success. Thanks to the 2:0-success against Hoffenheim, FC Bayern for the first time in a long time greeting back from the table top. However, not only because of the victory, there were beaming faces at the Munich, but also the way in making for the future challenges of courage. The competition should be warned. The saw head coach Louis van Gaal so. “Tonight we saw that we have a good team. I was hoping that we get a bit scared and disseminate what we did. ”

The votes at a glance:

Louis van Gaal: “The first half we did not played well. In the second half we played well and created great opportunities. Too bad that we have not scored more goals. But a 2-0 is also good. In the first half we did not close the room and played a lot of bad passes. We have done better in the second half. Tonight we have seen that we have a good team. I was hoping that we get a bit scared and disseminate what we did. ”

Bastian Schweinsteiger: “The outcome here was the game well. We might have been able to score more. It was difficult, Hoffenheim is a good team. They play a very powerful and have fast players in their ranks. Thus, one has to cope once again come. We know that we can play better, but we still have shown a good game. We make the front gate at the right time and have played back to zero. This is very beautiful and very nice it is that we are on the first night. ”

Miroslav Klose: “It was my goal, launched in 2010 well. We have succeeded in preparing my game and today I finally made my goal. My goal is to follow up where I was in the good times before. There is enough competition in the storm there. We understand all of us well and that is also beautiful. We have a fair and good competition in training and it is nice for the coach that he has such a selection. Now, at the beginning of the second half, we have serious responsibilities and want to try to continue our series. ”

Mario Gomez: “We have won 2-0. Of course, I would like to make a goal. I get angry a little bit. I believe that through the winter break is still missing a tick. But if we play like in the second half, then we will back us to tick again. We are seriously got in the game, but then had chances for more goals. We have a well deserved win. We did not even as a start as in the summer. But we also knew that it will not happen again, because we too are now consolidated. We have a very different appearance. We know what the other and everyone on the court can rely on his neighbor. Therefore we will not lose many games. ”

Ralf Rangnick: “The first half was absolutely okay. A few fouls too much, a few too many standards, so we have also conceded 0:1. For the team that stood in the square, which was sometimes even very good. In the end we lacked quality and penetration to the front. The victory was earned at the end of the Bavarians. Butt has kept the super ball. There are goalkeepers who react to the ball and go into the short corner. How has he kept him waiting a long time, that was really great. ”

Vedad Ibisevic: “We started very well and made a lot of Pressing. Unfortunately, we conceded an unfortunate goal. Then it was easier for Bavaria and they could wait for the counterattack. In the second half we played a little bit more risk and Bavaria has taken the chance to counterattack. Today, the opponent was a little bit better. “

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