FCB convince women to ‘Budenzauber’

Successful start to 2010 for the FIFA Women’s Bundesliga for FC Bayern. When T-Home/DFB-Hallencup in Magdeburg, the team of coach Gunther Wörle was only in the finale of holders 1 FFC Turbine Potsdam stopped. In the duel against the reigning German master runner sat down Potsdam clear by 3-0, and celebrated for the third consecutive tournament victory.

“For us, the second place as a tournament victory,” was Wörle after the tournament in 4341 with spectators, including the Federal coach Silvia Neid, well-attended Bördelandhalle more than satisfied. “Turbine is the deserved winner, congratulations!” Said Wörle further, who could look forward to both the second place also on the choice of Kathrin Längert the best goalkeeper of the tournament.

Längert parried

After a goalless draw in the first group match against UEFA Cup FCR Duisburg succeeded against SC Freiburg a 4:2-success. The double Freiburg leadership helped offset Banecki Carolina Pini and Nicole, Carina Wenninger and Vanessa Bürki were responsible for their first win of the day.

Despite a subsequent 1:3-defeat against Hamburger SV, the FCB group of women as the best third party were marching to the quarterfinals, where the 1st FFC Frankfurt defeated after a 1-1 draw in regulation time until Neunmeterschießen was. Extended with a held shot secured the semifinal against the UPS feeder Jena.

Fifth success for Potsdam

After a 2-2 draw there also had to come to a decision in Neunmeterschießen, Jena moved awarded after two shots with the shorter 7:8. In the final game of the undefeated champion from Potsdam was but a size too big and secured for a fifth time the Hall titles.

The second place of the FCB women is the higher estimate, since Wörle has started with a very young team to travel to Magdeburg. In addition to the injured national players Melanie Behringer and Katharina Baunach was also missing from other Leitunsgträgerinnen as Bianca Rech, Tanja Wörle, Nina Aigner or Julia Simic.

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