Bayern Munchen 1:0 Hamburg

Bayern Munich conquered the table point! The point play against the HSV was long time an affair for tactics lovers, before Franck Ribéry led the eleven of Louis van Gaal to the victory.

The FC Bayern Munich decided the point play of the federal league for itself. Up to the conclusion quarter of an hour it smelled in the alliance arena against that Hamburg sports association after a zero-number, before Franck Ribéry the hosts with the 1:0 – victory hit rewarded.


Nothing new with the FC Bavaria: Daniel van Buyten was missing against its former employer, Holger Badstuber defended for it in the center and Diego Contento accumulated on the left outer orbit. Marks van Bommel, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Franck Ribéry and Arjen seals formed the centre zone. The points were called Thomas’s Mueller and Mario Gomez.

The HSV had to do among other things without Ruud van Nistelrooy and Marcell Jansen. Mladen Petric, which had received an impact against Eindhoven on the Knöchel, could accumulate against it. In the central centre zone played the two ex native of Munich David Jarolim and Zé Roberto, the offensive outside occupied Eljero Elia and Piotr Trochowski. Jerome Boateng was allowed as a link defender ran, with it played Guy Demel, Joris Mathijsen and David Rozehnal in the Viererkette.


After a short phase of scanning the portion took up it starting from the tenth minute of trip and gave chances on both sides. First of it assigned Thomas’s Mueller who after fine pass on from Bastian Schweinsteiger franc rust over-lifted, but the ball landed on the gate net (13.). On the opposite side Hans Jörg Butt scratched worth seeing a Trochowski shot from the angle (18.). Later that set four minutes Hamburg midfield player an attempt from the distance over the crossbar (22.).

Bavaria had clearly more from the play and combined obligingly/pleasingly. If it went then however toward Hamburg Strafraum, it lacked the precision and the protection against „the red trousers “stood excellently. So Mladen Petric had good chance for the guests shortly before the break still another: After a ball loss of Diego Contento twisted the Croat from 15 meters (45.).


The HSV came without Keeper franc rust from the cab, it had injured to be replaced. For him substitute Wolfgang Hesl played. In the play happening against it first nothing changed. The heads of the household had clearly more ball possession, found however no way by the closely graduated Hamburgers defensive. High points were long time goods in short supply, the public became appreciably jerkier.

Finally to date weak Franck Ribéry pierced the knot: It shifted Guy Demel at the punishing space border and took off from halfleft position. Its hard shot struck in the short hits a corner (78.). The only chance to reconciliation assigned the exchanged Tunay Torun, which cut back a flank on the slat (83.).


Those Hamburg defensive around Joris Mathijsen and David Rozehnal played magnificently. Also the counsels for the defense Guy Demel and Jerome Boateng made their thing good. _ with the FC Bavaria stand out Bastian Schweinsteiger and Thomas Mueller out.


Long the record master at the HSV defense the teeth bit itself 70 minutes out. Then Ribéry slammed shut and decided with a single action the play.


Bastian Schweinsteiger delivered a strong achievement in the central centre zone the native of Munich again before the eyes of coach of the national team Jogi Löw.

ARBITRATOR: Lutz Wagner – note: 8

The impartial one had no trouble with the fair portion. Up to a few little things it gave to expose to nothing at its achievement.

Note: The evaluation scale is enough as with the play note of one point (grottenschlecht) until ten points (world class).


The point play did not hold, which promised it. There were hardly gate space scenes, much took place between the Sechzehnern. From tactical view it was only a mad portion.


Owing to its crucial hit Franck Ribéry might win also in the Castrol index ground. After driving downhill in the last three months it ranks 69. 19 counters at present with 720 points on rank is missing to it to a place under the Top 50, a feasible goal in the coming weeks.


Bavaria stand for place one and nothing else wanted them today to reach. They played too pedantically, at the end however for their expenditure and many the ball possession were rewarded.

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