Kroos returns to the FC Bayern

On the past weekend Bayern Leverkusen has the table point to the FC Bayern Munich lost, now the work eleven also into recruiting tonuses Kroos a defeat to put had. The recent talent returns to Munich, explained executive committee boss Karl-Heinz Rummenigge.

Bayern Leverkusen must resign itself at the season end to the parting from tonuses Kroos. The freshbaked national player returns to the FC Bayern Munich. From the borrowing business could the work eleven thus no purchase obtain.

„Tonuses to the FC Bayern will return “

„The case is clarified “, like that of Bayern executive committee boss Karl-Heinz Rummenigge in an interview with that picture. „I met on Thursday past week with tonuses Kroos and its advisor Volker Struth. Tonuses to the FC Bayern.“, explained Rummenigge will return further.

„It must not have a fear, in the bank to land “

The 20-year old will wear the leotard of the German record master starting from the coming summer again. „I said tonuses the fact that he must not have a fear to land with us in the bank if he clean-strikes himself correctly and so plays as in Leverkusen “makes him Rummenigge courage and explains also that of Bavaria looks forward coach van Gaal to it: „Straight line because van back Gaal much of Kroos holds, brings we it. He observed it exactly in the last weeks and intends much with him. “

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