Fiorentina 2:3 Bayern

A defeat, which does not do pain. Bayern stand despite a failure in Florenz in the next round „of the king class “. After the break a lively play with difficult outside conditions, which wogte back and forth, developed.

The AC Florenz has the eighth final replay in Champions League against the FC Bayern Munich with 3:2 (1: 0) won. To correctly be pleased itself the Italians could not however over the victory, because Bayern draw after the 2:1 in the first leg owing to the more obtained Auswärtstore into the next round.


The Fiorentina set on the same tactics as in the first leg: Behind the only point Alberto Gilardino should provide Stevan Jovetic and Juan Vargas for the accents. Felipe represented the closed Massimo Gobbi on the link defender position. That was the only change in the team of coach Cesare Prandelli.

With Bayern coach Louis van Gaal trusted the 17-jährigen David Alaba, which defended left in the back. Holger Badstuber represented the injured Martin Demichelis in the defense center. Otherwise Bayern could muster the familiar faces and let also their superstars Arjen seals and Franck Ribéry accumulate.


A possible good play was blown in Florenz by the stormy wind. The outside conditions did not permit the used football, because combinations developed rather coincidentally or were destroyed by a gust of wind. The Fiorentina had to attack after the 1:2 in the first leg – and the Italians did first carefully. Juan Manuel Vargas put a Freistoß from 30 meters on the gate roof (6.). And in the 16. Minute was it again the Peruaner, for which Bayern on the right defense side made many problems: It flankte inward and there affected Daniel van Buyten the ball easily with the hand. The eleven-meter whistle was missing however.

Bayern tried to get with short passports security and play control. That succeeded also phasenweise, but dangerously before the Fiorentina gate the guests did not come. How one can also use the wind, Florenz showed in the 28. Minute: Riccardo Montolivo took Butt off with tail wind from more than 30 meters and could only weakly poor copy. With the fight for the ricochet pennte Daniel van Buyten, who only watched, how Juan Manuel Vargas from pointed angle met to the 1:0.

Bayern were now under tight spot – and erspielten themselves a large chance against a Fiorentina team, which withdrew itself now far, as soon as those were native of Munich in ball possession. Arjen seals took ten meters before the gate a shot and Fiorentina goalkeeper Sebastien Frey parierte the attempt with a mad parade (34.).


After the page overflow the play took up trip correctly. It began with a large chance for Alberto Gilardino, which got the ball after a Hereingabe from right before the feet and with its shot from five meters at Hans Jörg Butt failed (50.). Four minutes later the Bayern Keeper could make however for nothing, than Gilardino put a flank back of Marco Marchionni and free standing to the 2:0 could shoot Stevan in Jovetic (54.).

For a long time Bayern did not need however, in order to recover from the shock to. Franck Ribéry became generally accepted on left against three Fiorentina players and put the ball inward, where Marks van Bommel with a flat shot from 20 meters in the left lower hit a corner to the 2:1 met (60.). Now again Florenz had to answer – and did that. Vargas introduced one counters the AC with a passport on the left side to Jovetic. That played a double passport with Gilardino and tunnelte to the conclusion also still Butt to the 3:1 (64.).

Thus Florenz would have through been, but Arjen seals had something against it. Only one minute later it sank a shot from 25 meters fantastically in the left angle (65.). 3:2 – Bayern was enough.

In the final stage the Fiorentina did not set by hundred percent on offensive. The Italians strove, but correctly large possibilities did not erspielten themselves them any longer. The Bayern defense was quite wacklig in this evening, but Florenz could not celebrate the introduction despite three obtained gates in the quarter final.


The 1:0 by Juan Manuel Vargas in the 28. Minute changed the game situation and set Bayern under pressure: Butt could only insufficiently repel a far shot of Montolivo, so that Vargas could abstauben. To the break the initial position changed equivalent several times: Times Florenz had to meet, times Bayern. Both did it also – and only the 3:2 by a fantastic far shot of Arjen seals exactly into the angle terminated the back and forth in favor of Bayern (65.).

PLAYER OF THE PLAY: Mark van Bommel

Indications set – which are it, which the Dutchman makes gladly. It strikes the ball in the centre zone between them or also times in the gate. As to the 2:1, which was a typical Van Bommel gate: A flat shot, which it in hit a corner exactly sank. Beyond that it shone in the centre zone with much employment and ensured for the fact that in the final stage any longer much did not anbrannte for the native of Munich.

ARBITRATOR: Alberto Undiano Mallenco – note: 7

No simple task in Florenz had and had on some tricky offside questions and possible hand plays to decide. Thereby no large errors made and did not rate the questionable actions of Daniel van Buyten not as intentional hand play in the first half time. Held back itself after the break with the yellow maps, which became however not negatively apparent.

Note: The note scale is enough as with the play note of 1 (work arbeitsverweigerung) to 10 (world class).


The play in Florenz suffered clearly from the outside circumstances. The wind made first a beautiful play not possibly, because the combinations did not run simply on both sides. After the break it became turbulent and correctly interesting. In the final stage then any longer much did not happen.


Property and bad ones from Florenz ranking lies together closely in the Castrol: Daniel van Buyten had gotten a weak evening on Wednesday – and that, although it is actually a genuine service provider. The Belgian lies in the ranking to 7th place and thus five places before Arjen seals, which untwisted correctly against the Fiorentina after the break.


Nearly a weak conception of the defense Bayern would have cost the quarter final. At the end the individual class of Top players secured such as Franck Ribéry and Arjen seals the introduction for the natives of Munich in the quarter final. From Florenz came in the final stage too little.

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