Hoeneß worries about the fans

The FC Bayern Munich worries about its fans. Before the play against the sports club Freiburg 16 fans of the German record master from 250 applicants were allowed to discuss for two hours with the Bavaria president Uli Hoeneß. This showed up afterwards contently.

The discussion round was for the first time delivered by the FC Bayern Munich. Uli Hoeneß showed up however over the discussion pleased: „It was a very active discussion with good ideas, it also many references came, which help us. “The president of the German record master continued to implement besides: „I believe, it was very important that our fans have the feeling that one takes care of their concerns. “It makes now immediately personally.

Four meetings per year

There is to be such fan discussions in the future more frequently. Per and back series two of such meetings are to be delivered in each case. „We want to know, what explains them oppressed “, to Hoeneß, which sounds itself also gladly the ideas of the fans and considers it. Because also a as experienced man as the strong Bavaria doer probably never really finished learning. And of it now the fans can profit.

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