Franck Ribery: The legitimate successor of Zidane

Some players have been declared in France, even as a potential successor to “Zizou”, but until now has only one who could do justice to and that is Franck Ribery.

The star of Bayern Munich is the hope of an entire nation and is intended as once Zidane to make the “Equipe Tricolore” to the world champions.

Nevertheless, all that stuff does not really hurt, because he remains the undisputed superstar on the national and international level and will not only give the Bayern Munich to help track, but Ribery has the task of France in the World Cup in South Africa a success lead.

Since July 2007 the Bavarians in the big transfer coup was successful and you could oblige the little Frenchman, Offensive shows again and again that he is one of the top stars.

After he almost only active in the youth in the lower division clubs and he was signed only after 21 years of his first professional contract with FC Metz, slightly pointed towards a successful career.

In the French television show “Téléfoot said on Sunday he said:” It is decided in the next two to three weeks. I am not one hundred percent behind to go to Real. Barca is also very interested and there’s Chelsea. All this is but not to say that I absolutely have to leave Bayern. “Christian Nerlinger however, now declared that Ribery will initially focus on the tasks and be a respected sport. So we can only hope that the head until the start of the championships is free again, because we want a Ribery see in top form and not hope that he will be thrown off track by injury.

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