“I was on the verge of losing the eye”, assured Demichelis

Martin Demichelis spoke for the first time from his operation and counted the gravity of the situation, to the point that the doctor of the Bayern Munich admitted: “It was the operation more complicated than he was called on to me to realise in my life”

The strong blow that gave Michael Ballack in the friendly one of the 3 of March in that Argentina won by 1 to 0 to the Germans with goal of Gonzalo Higuaín could leave to Martin Demichelis without the vision of an eye. Thus the defender from the Bayern Munich told it the Sport Red site.

“The doctors Germans who took care of to me gave account of the gravity of the injury just during the operation”, showed the ex- defender of River, that as well reproduced the words of the doctor who was in charge of the operation: “It was the operation more complicated than he was called on to me to realise in my life”.

“I had five fractures and they put five plates to me. One underneath the nose, another one between the eyebrow and the right eye and three more by the fracture of malar. In addition part of the jaw was broken to me, reason why they applied several points to me in encías. Thanks to God I could save the right eye, that was what more it worried to the doctors when I arrived at the clinic”, related Micho.

In spite of its evil drink, Micho does not have reconres with Ballack: “I thought that I had been codazo, but when I saw by tele I gave account that was a blow with the knee of Ballack without intention. After the party each that approached camill, when they saw my face leaved to cry. Luckily it left all good”, closed the titular zaguero of Maradona, that will not lose the World-wide one of South Africa.

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