The Bayern Munich celebrate with the fans

About 18 hours was the final defeat at the Champions League against Inter Milan already here, as the FC Bayern Munich and could not be put off by their fans traditionally celebrated on the Marienplatz, the Double.

Champion and cup winner

With a motorcade, it went to the town hall and then left the Bayern cheer from the balcony. The extensive poster on the balcony said: “Mia san Mia! Champion! and: Winners’ Cup, “Although the major European roll is failed, it was celebrated after all, left out the double. Captain Mark van Bommel was shown by Fanandrang surprised: “When I got up this morning, I myself can not imagine that everything is full. The enthusiasm is perhaps even greater than in Milan. ”

Best fans in the world

Even coach Louis van Gaal has been resurrected by the fans: “I thought that I would be dead today morning. But you are the gladioli. We live again – because of our fans. The best in the world. “Phillip Lahm just shrugged his shoulders and said,” What can I say? So I love my hometown. “The Aufbaukur was just right for overwhelmed Bavaria, the disappointment was on the Lost finale still deep in the marrow.

Ribéry thanks the fans

Repeatedly called for the fans that Franck Ribéry announced on the microphone and did the Frenchman then betrayed, and why he stayed in Munich: “I think this season was huge for all season. Lost yesterday – but no matter! I love all the fans of FC Bayern Munich. Thank you! “The love of the fans had done to him, therefore. 2012 is the Champions League final in the Allianz Arena and Karl Heinz Rummenigge, has been the target even before his eyes: “It is my hope that we will again be in the finals – and then pack it.”

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