Barcelona toying with transfer of Arjen Robben

The FC Barcelona midfielder has been trying for weeks to lure Cesc Fabregas from Arsenal but the Gunners will not release it, so that the Catalans may look for a different player – and that could, according to Spanish press reports Arjen Robben be.
FC Barcelona last one tried in vain the Spanish international Cesc Fabregas from Arsenal to oblige. And obviously you have already accepted the fact that the transfer does not work and now stretches out for a league-Star the probe.

Bayern will do the devil

For, according to a report in the daily El Mundo Deportivo, FC Barcelona reportedly shows increased interest in an undertaking of Arjen Robben from the German record champions FC Bayern Munich. Nevertheless, the Catalans at Bayern bite on granite, for there the Dutch international is regarded as unsaleable.

Spanish mind games

In the newspaper report, it is believed that for the FC Barcelona could now be easier to lure Arjen Robben to FC Barcelona after midfielder Franck Ribery his contract extended at Bayern and then at least one star at the Isar and remains one other then the door could open.

One thought on “Barcelona toying with transfer of Arjen Robben”

  1. In my view Robben should moved to AC Milan last year. Robben is very energetic player with great pace, dribbling and agility, but he cannot always play in high level otherwise he gets injured every time he been tackled. Therefore he could rest and gain high fitness and rest while Ronaldinho and Pato will replace him. Also theycould play at differnt formation with Robben such as 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1. With 4-3-3 formation I think Ronaldinho will be on the bench where Pato probably will take right wing and Robben will take left wing or they could swap during the match. And Borriello would play as central forward ( front striker). Or Ac milan could play veru offensive football with 4-2-3-1 formation where all could play (Pato, Robben, Ronaldingo). In my point of view it would cause a lot of troubles to the difference.
    Pato and Robben will be on wings and Ronie could take free role as he likes it and play as second striker behind the Borriello. So Ac Milan missed huge opportunity to sign Robben. AC MILAN BUY ROBBEN !!!!!

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