Bayern Munich after the crash of the alpha animals: loss of authority for Louis van Gaal?

The release of Tuesday on the homepage of FC Bayern Munich was formulated emphasizes the point: “In an open discussion has to be exchanged detailed and well pronounced. It was agreed in future to meet more often just in this district and to discuss all pending issues of the FC Bayern Munich. At the end of the conversation gave themselves Hoeness and Louis van Gaal’s hand and agreed to continue to responsibly for the benefit of FC Bayern Munich to work together, “it says on

Hoeness sees risk of “one-man show”

The starting point of public discussion was a performance by Bayern president Uli Honess in the TV show Sky90 was on Sunday in which he had coach Louis van Gaal, mutatis mutandis, accused of having taken players from the second row too little: “There is one. or other injustice done to us “In addition, it is difficult to speak with the Dutch,” because he does not accept the opinions of other people, “said Hoeness added that:” It is like (Note: Schalke coach) Felix Magath: ” A football club may now be a one-man show. ”

Van Gaal’s headed reply

Van Gaal had at the press conference before the game with the Romanian representative Cluj on the allegations reacts moderately, but nevertheless expressed his surprise at the public criticism expressed: “I am very surprised that a president of a club like Bayern Munich in this difficult period with nine injured players to say in this moment. “Just could not understand the coach accused of lack of communication that he for one of his” keeps best qualities. ”

Similar to Rummenigge saying

But the consequences of the dispute is officially ended entail? is well remembered nor the public scolding by Karl-Heinz Rummenigge on the former Munich coach Ottmar Hitzfeld three years ago: “Football is not mathematics,” the Bayern board boss Hitzfeld complained was when he undertook this too many personnel changes games in his starting XI. Hitzfeld, who probably feared his authority before the team does not extend his contract after the season.

Strengthened players, coaches weakened?

Club managers and coaches should be unity; suggests, however, the Board (or, as here, the President) publicly sided with the players, threatening the coach hardship because he is usually the weakest link in the chain: not the players in usually dismissed, but the coach. Hoeness now publicly supported the actors Mario Gomez, Martin Demichelis and Anatoliy Tymoshchuk to him by van Gaal learned too little appreciation. If they are following the return of some currently injured players back to give way to the bench, it shall be provided a not insignificant alibi, á la “. We have already heard, the coach has just not enough of us,” Might it then also cry in the leadership, the FC Bayern would threaten a team of internal strife. Already confirmed defender Philipp Lahm, that the controversy between Hoeness and van Gaal has been discussed in the team. Who’s surprised?

Concentration required to football

Ah yes, football is played too: With a hit on Wednesday evening at Cluj, FC Bayern could secure the second round participation in the Champions League early. Also wants the current league Seventh weekend at Borussia Moenchengladbach his comeback in the Bundesliga (last seven points from three games) to continue.

Your thoughts: If the public criticism from scratch Hoeness to Louis van Gaal to the authority of the coach?

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