Schweinsteiger Calls: Holt New!

The speculation about a move from Schalke’s Manuel Neuer to Bayern to continue. Now, Bastian Schweinsteiger has also intervened in the discussion and is committed to an obligation of the goalkeeper.

“.. We currently have on the goalkeeping position, but we may have no problems with Manuel Neuer can get the best goalkeepers in Germany and I’m always up for that FC Bayern should have the best German player,” said the 26 – year-old in an interview with sport1. “I know Manuel from the national team,
He has a very good character, “said the Bayern player, who recently extended his contract until 2016. Perhaps it was a commitment-new, with a requirement for a signature on his new Bayern contract.

New: “Certainly there is nothing”
The goalkeeper was after the victory against Mainz at the weekend but from a commitment to Schalke. “I’m assuming next year to play for Schalke Once Schalke me makes an offer, I will talk first with Schalke,” said Neuer, limited but also a “safety is nothing.” A Service of the New Munich did not present claims to date.

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