Bayern Muchen 0-2 Inter Milan

Had been lost, which were the players of FC Bayern Munich, who fought to the end, quickly realized. Inter Milan was allowed to stretch after the 0-2 victory over the Munich the trophy to the sky, for the Bayern players remained only solace-giving applause. But what went wrong?

Inter concentrated experience

The enemy from Milan made over long distances to confidently impression, even though the Nerazzurri had significantly less possession than the Munich. Nevertheless, the Italians dominated the game. The reason: The iron tactical discipline. The experienced defender Lucio, Samuel and Zanetti gave no nakedness, but completed the job that coach Mourinho had placed them carefully to the heart: to keep the box clean.
Bavaria with problems on the defensive

Apparently, however, was the vulnerability of the Bavaria on the defensive. Presented itself to green, especially in defensive behavior. A Badstuber Holger, who has denied in his first pro season to equal a Champions League final, we may well see his blunders. At 0:1 by Milito he could not intervene, one step was too late. So be it. However, as is made of the supposedly experienced van Buyten from Milito at the decisive goal to dupe 0:2, revealed glaring weaknesses. With such a devastating defender is a player or their performance more simply the maturity sentenced.

Also lacked the ideas forward

But not only the defense of Bavaria should be reported: front worked well enough. Here, too, was one pale, scored no goals. Why? Correct: It was as green as the Bremen 4-0 in the Cup loss to the Munich. Inter had the first goal after the bolt was tight and promptly too tight. Besides Arjen Robben, the Nerazzurri put the impressive cold, Bayern were powerless. In the 46th Minutes, however, Thomas Muller had the giant chance of compensation. Unlike the icy-Inter striker Diego Milito, Müller awarded the opportunity. Obviously, it lacks the Bavarians still necessary to the routine. But from the mistakes of today, tomorrow we can learn again. At least so far in the next season, the locals will face some major successes.