Van Gaal: “We have spoken”

Questions for Bayern coach Louis van Gaal after a 4-0 win at CFR Cluj. The coach of the German record football champion talks about the early entry into the second round, his authority on the team and the relationship with President Hoeness.

Did you celebrate after the victory in Cluj a bit?

Louis van Gaal: “A red wine, if you name the celebration, it’s good.”

The atmosphere at the banquet had a loose …

Van Gaal: “. It’s always nice when we win if we win, everything is good.”

What is the greater joy: With the victory and the three goals from Mario Gomez?

Van Gaal: “For me, it’s always what makes the team and the team has done very well, I think what we have agreed that it was a very good game and I think that it was again the first game on.. we are a bit can be proud of. This is good for the confidence. I think we played very dominant. ”

The pictures of you and President Hoeness looked good on the banquet. Is everything back to some extent in order?

Van Gaal: “What he said is not for me have been wonderful, but okay, we have given us and we go again..”

Yesterday sounded by you that the dispute with Hoeness a loss of authority could result. The players have consistently said that this was not the case.

van Gaal, “I think that not too, but it could be chance, I’m popular with my players which is good for a coach and so is my authority is not damaged…”

Makes it easier to say now that it was now and now it goes on?

Van Gaal: “When a President says something, then it may be that my authority has become a bit less, but okay, I do not believe that this is so in the case..”

Now, the catch-up in the league. How do you approach the game in bottom Borussia Monchengladbach?

van Gaal… “In the same way, but Borussia Monchengladbach is another opponent and is likely to play differently, we have to play with the same commitment that is the most important and also not the easiest thing that is difficult because we have within us two days focus on our next opponent, so I’m flying directly from Cluj there. I think that it is better for the rest, but also for focusing. ”

They were with 15 players in Cluj, could meet players from Munich for the league?

Van Gaal: “.. That we have to wait We need to wait for the response after training, but normally would Badstuber come, and perhaps more Ribéry not, that’s it..”