Germany lack a footballing identity, admits Sammer

Bayern Munich sporting director Matthias Sammer has claimed that Germany lack a true footballing identity.

Die Mannschaft have not won a major trophy since Euro 1996 campaign, and the former sweeper is struggling to characterise German football when compared to fellow contemporaries such as Spain and Italy.

“Do Germany actually have a footballing identity at the moment? Apart from saying we’ve got some good lads coming through? I don’t see one. Right now, I can’t really define our football,” Sammer told reporters.

“You can define Spain, Italy and some other nations, but I’m having problems with Germany. What do we stand for?

“At the moment it’s for good young players, but overall, we could restart work on our footballing identity, because we should always look reality straight in the eye.

“I think we’re heading in a very good direction, but we still need the courage to keep working on what it means.

“Obviously, we have to take note of a couple of facts. With the exception of youth teams, it’s a while since we’ve won an international trophy.”

Germany were beaten 3-1 by Argentina in Wednesday’s international friendly.

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