Manchester United & Real Madrid lead shirt sale charts

Manchester United and Real Madrid sit atop of the global shirt sale charts with 1.4 million shirts sold per season on average over the past five years.

United and Madrid are two of the three teams that have managed to surpass the one million mark between 2007-08 and 2011-12, with Spanish titans Barcelona completing the top three with 1.15m shirts sold per annum.

England have four teams in the top 10, with Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal accompanying Manchester United, while Juventus, Inter and AC Milan represent Serie A. Bayern Munich complete the top 10 in fifth position.

All of the teams in the top 10 either wear Adidas or Nike jerseys, with both brands having five representatives in the list.

The figures, which were published by Sportingintelligence, have been compiled by veteran analyst Dr Peter Rohlmann and his team at the consulting bureau, PR Marketing,

Rank Team Country Shirts sold * Brand
1 Manchester United England 1.4 million Nike
Real Madrid Spain 1.4 million Adidas
3 Barcelona Spain 1.15 million Nike
4 Chelsea England 910.000 Adidas
5 Bayern Munich Germany 880.000 Adidas
6 Liverpool England 810.000 Adidas
7 Arsenal England 800.000 Nike
8 Juventus Italy 480.000 Nike
9 Inter Italy 425.000 Nike
10 AC Milan Italy 350.000 Adidas

*Shirt sales (official merchandise) only. Does not include other club merchandise.

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