Ballack charged for speeding in Spain

Former Germany international Michael Ballack was arrested near Trujillo (Caceres) in the east of Spain on Wednesday afternoon.

The four-time Bundesliga champion (once with Kaiserlautern and three times with Bayern Munich) was allegedly caught doing speeds of around 211 kilometres per hour – almost double the legal limit on the Estremadura A-5 roadway – a charge which he denies.

A civil guard spokesman told AFP: “He was detained for excessive speed yesterday afternoon [Wednesday], near the town of Trujillo in eastern Spain.”

Officials say the ex-Chelsea man then faced a judge Thursday morning where he denied the charges and is subject to face a 10,000 fee should he be found guilty.

The ex-Chelsea star retired from international and club football on October 3, scoring 42 goals in 98 appearances for his country.

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