Heynckes tells Gomez to slow down

Mario Gomez has been warned by Jupp Heynckes that he risks further physical problems if the Germany international makes a premature comeback.

The 27-year old has been out of action for almost three months due to an ankle injury and completed his first full training session on Saturday, but his boss has made him aware of the situation.

“Gomez is doing himself no favours if he tries to return too quickly,” he told AM.

“Sometimes you have to tell players to slow down. This is the case with Mario, we want him 100 per cent before he returns to the first team.

“He has worked with the best fitness trainers in order to get him back. 11 weeks is a long time to be out of football for any player, so it was nice to see him back in training.”

Gomez was also pleased with his return to first team surroundings, but admitted it was frustrating not to be playing.

“It’s fun to watch the boys and a good feeling to be back involved, even if it is bitter for me not to be out there.”

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