Goal readers predict Dortmund will win Champions League

Over half of the votes were in favour of BVB to triumph over Bayern in Saturday’s final at Wembley, while confidence in the Bavarians’ penalty-taking abilities is low

Goal readers have voted Borussia Dortmund as marginal favourites over Bayern Munich to win the Champions League final, with 55 per cent backing BVB to triumph on Saturday at Wembley.

As of 11:30CET on Saturday, 1453 votes were cast on our Facebook page, with 800 voting in favour of the Schwarzgelben – 690 of which believe Jurgen Klopp’s men will win in 90 minutes.

A healthy 595 people believe that Bayern can secure victory before extra time, ensuring they do not make it three Champions League final losses in four seasons.

One hundred and one people are of the opinion that the all-German showpiece will be secured in extra time – a majority of 58 tipping the underdogs to succeed over the new Bundesliga champions.

Whereas the vote remained reletaively close in open play, readers are far less confident in Bayern if the game were to go into a penalty shoot-out, possibly due to Chelsea’s conquering of the Bavarians in the format 12 months ago. Indeed, just over 77 per cent of readers believe that BVB will beat Jupp Heynckes’ side in the event of a spot-kick showdown.

Disagree with our poll’s results? Does it surprise you that Bayern are not the favourites in many reader’s eyes? Let us know in the comments section below!

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