Beckenbauer looking forward to Guardiola reign

The Bayern Munich icon is eager to see how the former Barcelona boss innovates the German champions ahead of the start of the new season

Bayern Munich legend Franz Beckenbauer says that he is intrigued as to what Pep Guardiola does during his first season at the club.

The Spaniard moved to the Allianz Arena in the summer, replacing Jupp Heynckes, and the 67-year-old is looking forward to seeing how he goes about improving the German champions.

“I am interested in what he does and how he will try and bring his unique thoughts to the team and whether it will work or not,” Beckenbauer told AZ.

“He is a world class footballer and he will bring that expertise to any position on the pitch. I can imagine he has already begun to experiment with the image of the team as he imagines it. The way he behaves makes him a welcome addition, he is a popular figure.

“I do not know how the players perceive the hype surrounding Pep. It always used to be the players in the headlines, but you don’t even know who’s playing anymore just because Guardiola is always the one in the headlines.

“It will slowly begin to even back out, however. I wish him 10 great years at Bayern.”

Beckenbauer went on to say that he is impressed with the Bavarians’ squad ahead of the new season and admitted that Mario Gomez, who joined Fiorentina earlier this month, did not fit in with the new blueprint.

“Anything is possible when you have a squad with Thiago and Gotze. I don’t know him very well, but he played for Barcelona’s first team, so he cannot be bad.

“No one other than Gomez has gone until now. But he’s the type of player who doesn’t fit into the system of someone like Guardiola, who emphasises attacking play. So I am pleased with the signing of Thiago.

“We really have a surplus in the midfield, even without the Spaniard Thiago. Pep wants to increase the competition, but too much competition does not work.

“They must loan or sell Luiz Gustavo. He already said he does not see a future at Bayern, even though he is a regular for Brazil.”

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