Gerrard: I told Suarez to stay

Liverpool FC captain Steven Gerrard told newspapers that he convinced Luis Suarez to stay with the club for one more season. Suarez was a target for many clubs, Chelsea and Arsenal were very interested.

“I didn’t ever think Luis would leave – well, not to another English club anyway. I don’t want to disrespect Arsenal, because they are a fantastic club, but I don’t see joining them as being a step forward for Luis. There are only really two or three clubs he should leave this football club for if he is taking a step forward.”

“If we don’t qualify for the ­Champions League this ­season he can go to Real Madrid, ­Barcelona or Bayern Munich – and he can go with his head held high. The one thing I can assure you, it’s not about money with Luis Suarez. I understand we’re a little bit off the Champions League here at the moment, but I think he would ruin the relationship he has got with the supporters here if he went to another ­English club.”

“I saw what happened to Fernando Torres. I didn’t want Luis to make the same mistake and that’s the advice I gave him. He’ll have another chance to move forward to a club that he deserves to be at.”

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