Rummenigge: Uefa should take action against PSG

The FCB director has reiterated his concerns over the Ligue 1 champions’ big spending and feels they should be punished if they breach the rules

Bayern Munich chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge has urged Uefa to take action against Paris Saint-Germain over their alleged breach of Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules.

The Bayern chief recently voiced his concerns with PSG’s spending and he has now called on Uefa president Michel Platini to punish the Ligue 1 champions if they indeed fail to comply with the regulations.

“It’s hard to imagine that Paris Saint-Germain are complying with Financial Fair Play. We all know about the money stream coming in from Qatar, allegedly about €200 million per season,” Rummenigge said at the SpoBiS convention.

“I hope that Michel Platini will take this matter seriously. Clubs that breach the FFP rules will have to pay the price. It’s an important moment for Uefa. Clubs have had three years time to meet the FFP criteria and Uefa should not accept any breaches of the rules.

“People might disagree with Platini and I, but it should not be possible that some rich guy from Saudi Arabia or Russia can decide the Champions League. Platini shares my opinion on this.

“Bundesliga clubs comply with FFP, but this is not the case in all of Europe. Uefa should enforce the rules. The big German clubs will struggle to keep their teams together if other clubs don’t comply with FFP.”

PSG have climbed to fifth place in the Deloitte Money League with a €398.8m revenue over 2012-13.

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