Opponents want to hurt Bayern, says Ribery

The Frenchman feels that his side’s success attracts more attention from opposition players who are all the more eager to beat them

Bayern Munich winger Franck Ribery is worried that his colleagues could sustain a serious injury as opponents are more likely to tackle them hard.

The Bavarians have enjoyed a period of massive success in recent years, winning the treble in 2013, retaining both domestic trophies a year later before many of their stars claimed the World Cup with Germany this summer.

The France international feels that their triumphs have made them targets for opponents and has called upon referees to provide more protection from over-zealous players.

“It’s always been that opponents get down to business against Bayern specifically because they want to show how desperate they are to defeat the champions,” he is quoted as saying by TZ.

“But now they want to prove it against our world champions.

“No one’s saying anything against healthy, fair hardness. That’s a part of football. But referees must look more closely and make sure limits are not exceeded.

“We also need to be protected as players.”

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