Kroos: No German punctuality at Real Madrid

The midfielder says he is adjusting to a different mentality in Spain and says it is not in his character to feel nervous at his new club

Toni Kroos believes there is a completely different mentality at Real Madrid than the one he was used to at Bayern Munich.

The Germany international joined the Santiago Bernabeu side in a deal believed to be worth €25 million and says he is already adapting to his surroundings in Spain – despite discovering a very different approach to the one he became used to at the Allianz Arena.

“The mentality here at Madrid is different than at Bayern,” Kroos was quoted as saying by Sport Bild.

“When training started at 10:30 at Bayern, everybody would be ready to go at 10:30. Things are a bit different here. I got used to it pretty quickly, though. Everything is a bit more relaxed and loose.

“I briefly considered using a translator at Madrid, but I didn’t like the idea of having someone around me all the time. I can get by using English. And Sami Khedira helped me out with some minor things in the beginning. He was really helpful for me.”

Kroos then went on to make it clear that he doesn’t feel any extra pressure at Madrid, stating that he is not the type of person to get nervous.

“I never get nervous. It’s simply not in my character. I am convinced of my own qualities, because I know that I can get the best out of myself when it matters most.

“I also know that it’s just a football game when things aren’t working out at some point. That makes me feel calm and relaxed. But I obviously remain focused as well, because I do care about how we play.”

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