Neuer: I could play outfield

The goalkeeper has developed a reputation for rushing off his line and says he could play further forward at a lower level

Bayern Munich and Germany goalkeeper Manuel Neuer believes his ability with the ball at his feet is that good he could even play outfield.

The 28-year-old was handed Fifa’s Golden Glove award for the best goalkeeper of the tournament as he helped Germany to World Cup glory in Brazil last summer and has continued his fine form into the Bundesliga season, conceding just twice in eight games.

And while he has no plans to leave his line permanently, Neuer is adamant he could have a career in another position, albeit at a lower level.

“Probably the fourth tier, so the Regionalliga in Germany. That’s about where I could realistically see myself playing [as an outfield player],” he told

“Sometimes [at training] we practise our positional play with seven against three, so I occasionally play an outfield role then.

“That’s important too, because it gives me a chance to improve my technique, my passing skills and quick ball distribution.”

Neuer went on to insist that while his adventurous forays from his line have only recently reached world football’s collective consciousness, it’s always been his style.

“For years, I’ve understood that my goalkeeping style is the one I employ today,” he said.

“My game hasn’t fundamentally changed; it was just that the global attention that comes with the World Cup gave it a completely different platform.

“You’ve certainly got to make the right decisions and stick by them 100 per cent. I know there’s a risk that my decision could lead to a goal, a penalty or a dismissal, but I’d have no chance to make the save if I was indecisive about it – I’d be too easy to beat.”

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