Bundesliga should thank Bayern for signing Gotze & Lewandowski, says Rummenigge

The FCB supremo says both players spurned respective offers Manchester City and Real Madrid – something he claims benefits German football

Bayern Munich president Karl-Heinz Rummenigge feels the Bundesliga should be grateful that they signed Mario Gotze and Robert Lewandowski from Borussia Dortmund as the duo would no longer be playing in Germany otherwise.

The Bavarians have been heavily criticised in recent years for signing their rivals’ best players, with Dortmund attacker Marco Reus believed to be firmly among their latest transfer targets.

However, Rummenigge is adamant that Bayern are not doing anything wrong and believes people should be grateful they are preventing the division’s top talent from moving abroad.

“I’ve been asking myself for weeks what exactly our job is. It’s about ensuring the quality of the team and making sure we can be successful,” Rummenigge was quoted as saying by Spiegel.

“Why is there so much discussion when we sign a player from one of our rivals? If we hadn’t signed Gotze and Lewandowski, they would be playing abroad now rather than in the Bundesliga.

“Both players make the Bundesliga a more attractive league. Gotze had a crazy offer from Manchester City and Real Madrid were desperate to sign Lewandowski. Would that have been better for the Bundesliga…

“Then again, Bayern also care about a competitive Bundesliga. We need more than one team carrying the league.”

Reus, 25, has a contract with Dortmund until 2017, but could leave the club at the end of the season for a fee of €25 million due to a buyout clause in his existing deal.

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