Ronaldo will win Ballon d'Or, but it should be Neuer – Reina

The Real Madrid star is the favourite to win the award but the Bayern Munich goalkeeper feels his team-mate and the Germany No.1 deserves it more

Pepe Reina has admitted he believes Cristiano Ronaldo will win the Ballon d’Or, but would rather see his Bayern Munich team-mate Manuel Neuer take home the trophy.

The Real Madrid star is the heavy favourite to win the award for the second time in a row, third overall, when the winner is announced in January, but it is expected to be a close call between the Champions League winner, Barcelona counterpart Lionel Messi and World Cup and Bundesliga champion Neuer.

“I think it will be Cristiano Ronaldo who takes it,” Neuer told Spanish radio station COPE. “But what I want and desire is for Neuer to win.

“It’s difficult for a goalkeeper, especially against Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, he can win on merit and with what he has done for the club, it would be nice if he would take it.”

The Spanish goalkeeper also talked about Madrid shot stopper Iker Casillas, praising the star’s mentality.

“Casillas has an excellent head. Performing at the level he has for so many years speaks for itself about Casillas’ mentally.

“He is prepared to take criticism and he has, I said he was ready for the flak and he has shown that.”

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