A goalkeeper will never win the Ballon d’Or – Weidenfeller

The veteran has seen two German keepers miss out on the prize during his career and as a result doubts whether a No.1 will ever be named the world’s best player

Roman Weidenfeller has written off the prospect of a goalkeeper ever winning the Ballon d’Or after Manuel Neuer’s failed bid to win the award on Monday.

Cristiano Ronaldo won the trophy for a third time, with Lionel Messi in second place and Neuer in third.

The Germany goalkeeper won the Bundesliga with Bayern Munich before lifting the World Cup with Germany and was praised for his ability with the ball at his feet as much as his hands.

Neuer has often become an 11th outfield player for club and country in games by operating in a sweeper-style fashion further up the pitch.

But despite all of his efforts it still wasn’t enough to win the Ballon d’Or and Borussia Dortmund keeper Weidenfeller fears the men between the posts will never receive the recognition they deserve.

“Oliver Kahn has tried, Manuel has tried. If these goalkeepers were so close and didn’t manage to win then maybe it will never happen.

“I am sorry for Manuel. He has performed exceptionally. As a goalkeeper you don’t have the same standing, especially when it comes to players like Cristiano Ronaldo who is a brand. He probably had no chance.”

Weidenfeller has endured disappointment of his own over the past 12 months after losing his place in the Dortmund side before Christmas following their disastrous start to the campaign.

Deputy keeper Mitch Langerak was preferred by coach Jurgen Klopp, but the veteran says he has put his struggles behind him and is focusing on the future.

“It was a difficult situation, which I accepted sportingly. Now we begin a new year and we all want to look forward together. To deal with the past would be a mistake.

“From my side everything is settled. If the coach wants to talk to me again I am of course always ready to talk. But we are in 2015 and should no longer talk about 2014.”

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