Crocodile Dutchie: Robben pulls off bite prank

The Bayern forward fooled reporters that an exotic predator tried to take a chunk out of him in Qatar, when in reality he had just picked up a knock in training

Arjen Robben pulled off a jaw-some prank off during winter break training by convincing parts of the press he had been bitten by a crocodile.

The Bayern Munich attacker, 30, was snapped by photographers getting his hand bandaged up in Doha, Qatar, where Pep Guardiola’s men are getting ready to return to Bundesliga action in a fortnight.

When Robben was asked afterwards what had happened to leave him needing medical attention, the Netherlands international saw his chance to strike and claimed that a crocodile tried to feast on his hand.

“When I got the ball from the pool, a crocodile bit me!” the ex-Real Madrid winger joked to reporters.

Some journalists fell into Robben’s trap and were quickly devoured by the amused public, who pointed out that crocodiles are not native to Qatar.

The less-exciting – and far less dangerous – reality is that Robben had simply needed his hand bound after colliding with another Bayern player in training, but credit to the Dutchman for comically sinking his teeth into those naive enough to believe his prank!

The Bavarians have scaled the Bundesliga this season and currently lurk at the top of the table as of the mid-season break, with 11 more points than second-placed Wolfsburg whom they face on Friday January 30.

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