Greek police used 'disproportionate' force on fans – Bayern

A spokesman for the Bavarians has criticised the excessive use of batons on their visiting fans in the build-up to their 3-0 win over Olympiacos

Greek police have been accused of using “disproportionate” force after footage emerged of them attacking Bayern Munich fans ahead of the club’s 3-0 triumph over Olympiacos on Wednesday.

Police were stationed alongside the Bavarians supporters for the Champions League group stage opener in an attempt to protect them from any hostilities from the home crowd.

However, television footage emerged an hour before kick-off which clearly showed officers clubbing Bayern supporters with batons at the Stadio Georgios Karaiskaki.

Clash between Bayern fans and Greek police in the stadium

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“There was unnecessary loutish behaviour from our fans and disproportionate use of the baton by police,” a Bayern spokesman told Bild, with at least one fan reported to be seriously injured.

Bayern ultras were telling German media outlets in the aftermath that they would be leaving the stadium in protest, but most unharmed fans returned to the stands to watch the match.

Böse Szenen im Gästeblock des #FCB! Ein Fan wurde durch eine Prügelei schwer verletzt! #OLYFCB

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Political tensions are high between Greece and Germany due to financial restrictions imposed on the former by the latter for right to remain in the European Union. Bayern fans and German media received separate police escorts in their transport to the ground due to safety concerns.

Germany’s ambassador in Athens, Peter Schoof, was surprised by the actions of the police as he claims there was no violence in the build-up to the first Bayern visit to Greece since 1983.

“These are not pretty pictures, especially as during the day there were no incidents in the city,” he said. “Perhaps the police are accustomed to intervene due to the heated derbies here.

“I regret to see these images and one has to wonder if perhaps the police overreacted somewhat?”

Once the violence had subsided, two goals from Thomas Muller and an effort from Mario Gotze – all of which were scored in the second half – were enough for Pep Guardiola’s men to kick off their European campaign with a three-goal victory over Olympiacos.