Following a dispute between the club management and players of MTV 1879 Munich in the “Gisela” bar in Schwabing, eleven players decided to break away and form their own club under the management of Franz John on 27.02.1900. The name of the new club was FC Bayern Munich. This was the start of a unique success story. The victory in 1932 in Nuremberg in the final against Eintracht Frankfurt was the first championship title.

Fußball-Club Bayern München, is also known as FC Bayern Munich they are the biggest and most successful club in Germany historically as well as today. Baryen Fc lived through and overcame a violent and challenging period in Germany’s history during World War II when Adolf Hitler rose to power. Due to Hitler’s well documented inhumane crack down on Jewish people, many Bayern officials were forced to resign as they were under huge political pressure causing detrimental effects on the club. Despite these troubles today Bayern is the most successful team to date.

FC Bayern Munich was not represented when the Bundesliga was founded. However in 1965 the club was promoted and came third at the end of the season – and has been a permanent fixture in the Bundesliga ever since, winning 19 Bundesliga championship titles and earning itself first place in the ongoing Bundesliga table, making it by far the most successful club.

The first 100 years of Bayern Munich’s history – and its success story – begin and end with the name Franz. Is it just a coincidence that it was a certain Franz John who founded the FC Bayern? Is it only chance that exactly a century later, another Franz, this time Beckenbauer, would lead Bayern Munich, now an experienced and visionary club with countless titles to its name, into the new millennium as its president?

Much time and many other differences separate now from then. Franz John co-founded and built Bayern up from nothing and was delighted with relatively modest results, like Bayern’s 7-1 victory in their first match against their former team, MTV 1879. But John also gave this ‘cavalier’ club its first individual touch.

In the early days, people recognised Bayern, then known as Schwabinger Bayern, by the players’ straw hats. In his turn, Franz Beckenbauer would help make Bayern Munich what it is today: an international club with millions of fans, an institution reaching way beyond German soccer.

Not in his wildest dreams could Franz John have imagined that future or that his team would one day be German champions, European Cup Champions and even World Club Championship winners. Nor could he have imagined that nearly a century later, on a mild spring day in 1999, Beckenbauer would meet the world’s leading heads of state, and no less than the British prime minister, Tony Blair, would whisper to him that he was the most famous person there.

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