Miracle cure for Badstuber

Good news for Bayern fans: Holger Badstuber is at the Munich before a lightning comeback.

After Louis van Gaal had to give up the hope for a return of the defender earlier this year (“I hope so, but I do not think it goes”), Dr. Hans-Wilhelm Mueller-Wohlfahrt, the green light.

“I do not see any risk. In my view he is fit and can play next week at Schalke again. But it does of course know the coach,” said the Bayern-Doc of the ‘tz’.

The 21-year-old Badstuber falling since the end of October with a pubic bone inflammation. “The injury has healed completely, Holger does indeed been some time training with all the exercises,” continues Muller-Wohlfahrt.

It’s quite possible that van Gaal in the game against the crisis-ridden Schalke again relies on Badstuber. Finally, Daniel van Buyten did in the victory against Frankfurt to convince all others, even if the coach had taken him to the many blunders in protection.

Positive Robben said: Little hope for Badstuber

Coach Louis van Gaal expected in the first round of the Bundesliga not a return of national player Holger Badstuber. “I hope so, but I do not think it is,” said the Dutchman.The 21-year-old Badstuber falling since the end of October with a pubic bone inflammation. This injury could make it “not a prediction,” said van Gaal. The failure of Badstuber in central defense weigh heavily: “He has done a very good development, we need him..”

A “very positive” development of certified trainers Arjen Robben, who because of the World Cup in South Africa suffered muscle tear in his left thigh in the season has not yet been used. The Dutch international completed by now intense individual training. As things currently stand is to seal in the winter training camp in Doha, Qatar train (2 to 9 January 2011) back with the team.

Kahn warns van Gaal

Oliver Kahn has warned Bayern coach Louis van Gaal insistently. The Dutchman should not underestimate the internal power struggles with Bayern bosses and the burgeoning criticism of his person.

“First, one must not forget that this season is much under the influence of injury and the last World Cup Then comes just to the fact that van Gaal -. One hears it, anyway – should not be an easy character,” said the Bayern legend ‘tz’. “Many things are accepted because of the success is there. If it is not optimal, certain behaviors are not tolerated. If the success is there, you can find it all funny and great. In the moment when he is gone It is considered critical, “said Kahn.

The ‘Titan’ eyed suspiciously the peculiarities of the trainer. “Van Gaal moved frequently at the border, is this really funny Is he serious about this is just so difficult We must not forget.?. In Bavaria, it was always great coaches who were successful and have won the title he has. not exclusive, “said Kahn.

Italy laughs at Demichelis – van Gaal “arrogant”

After the 3-2 victory against AS Roma Bayern saves the Italian press, not with scorn and derision for the German champions.

Gazzetta dello Sport: “The glory of genius Ribery came to light only a few times, the rest is just rust Demichelis is in the form of the World Cup… Devastating Raue feet, little temperament, zero speed”

Tuttosport: “AS Roma experienced a historic evening without Ribery Bayern falls under the two gates of the first half, increasingly given under pressure in the first half, Van Gaal the Romans a lesson, he believes he has already won the match, he must… pay for his hubris expensive. ”

Corriere della Sera. “Roma to catch up from the nightmare of the Europe’s Dream A 0-2 in a Champions League match is an achievement, especially when the opponent is Bayern Munich.”

Repubblica: “Mad Night in Rome a comeback, to which one will remember for many years in Rome, miracles are possible without stars such as Robben, van Bommel, Olic, Klose and Schweinsteiger benefits Bayern in the first half of few weaknesses!.. Romans in the second half, the situation changes, however, enormous. Roma awakened from a nightmare. “

Bayern in crisis

Officially, the hatchet between Hoeness and Louis van Gaal is buried, but there is still a long silence. As the ‘tz’ reports spoke Hoeness after the game at Bayer Leverkusen with hands and feet on the Dutchman. In the team bus to the Bayern president of the coaches have been flailing arms to understand what he thinks of the lucky draw at table-third. What words are like this is not recorded. Niceties have not replaced the two brawlers appear.

That between the leaders and van Gaal now worlds apart to emphasize the remarks made by Franz Beckenbauer, who challenged the team to a draw pursuers in a duel in the pillory and publicly made to sow. During the ‘Kaiser’ including the “kindergarten error”, criticized the Dutch saw in the first Half of a “super game” of his troops, which, however, could at goalkeeper Hans-Jorg Butt to thank that it took at least a point from Leverkusen.

Van Gaal, who beamed with Franck Ribery, including league cup a few months, the Munich city hall balcony to race, also provides its players more and more the focus of criticism. Ribery got the feel for the game. For the French it was difficult to “come back after the injury. Against Nuremberg that was good, now less”, said van Gaal on the winger, who is considered a sensitive type of player and the critical words usually takes to heart.