Meinungsverschiedenheiten van Gaal und Zwischen Demichelis

Martin DemichelisMartin s and Bayern coach Louis van Gaal, the hardened fronts for some time. The most degraded to reservists Argentina flirting loudly with exchange thoughts, Dutchman makes the ‘unpopular pupil’ mostly stew on the bench.

What had previously been swept under the carpet, and only now came to light, makes the rift between the two clearly. As the ‘tz’ reports, Demichelis refused after his replacement at the game in Frankfurt van Gaal the handshake. Then there was obviously a loud ‘running’ for the Argentines.

Van Gaal, will count for the discipline and respect among the highest virtues of a professional player, took his counsel properly to the chest and placed it in the next game against Schalke on the bench again.

The action by Demichelis has probably brought the barrel to overflowing and ushered in his last days in Munich. “We are considering to put one or the other impulse. The coach agrees,” said manager Christian Nerlinger telling. The Personnel Demichelis will be high on the agenda. All signs point to separation.

Nerlinger auf Schweinsteiger

In wooing a contract extension for football player Bastian Schweinsteiger sporting director Christian Nerlinger FC Bayern Munich looks on track.

“We are in very good exchange, and very positive that we can keep him,” said Nerlinger in “Sport 1”. “I have the impression that he is athletic and privately in Munich feels well and hope he decides to FC Bayern.”

The Bild am Sonntag “had speculated that some of the top clubs on the wish list Related Schweinsteiger’s contract runs until 2012 still could extend up to Christmas 2016th Important is not when he decides to consider only that he choose for Bayern, “said the sports director.

In the winter break can imagine Nerlinger gain for the squad. With such a large gap in the table have to be critically examined. Since you can not constantly refer to the World Cup or the injury list. Since one could think about some of the other new impulse. However, the winter market is difficult. Players who would have been used already in the Champions League with other clubs would come out of the question, and in winter from other clubs would be good players barely given.

The championship is for the Munich once no longer an issue, but has now qualified for the new season in the top tier priority. If the project risk failure, could also coach Louis van Gaal threatening adversity. “I guarantee that we will qualify directly for the Champions League, will therefore be the subject not to do so,” said sports director.

“Frustrated,” it was after the 0-2 Schalke moved back from the table space and need not gloss over it. But even if now for the first time qualifying for the Champions League takes precedence, very ticked off the championship trophy is not enough. “You light years away, but the Bayern Munich them as long calculation is a means to never write off,” said Nerlinger.

Extends Schweinsteiger contract?

schweinsteiger_2Bastian Schweinsteiger is allegedly before the contract extension at Bayern Munich one. “Bild am Sonntag” reported that the 26-year-old before Christmas 2012 his current contract terms extend to enhanced 2016th
Bayern manager Christian Nerlinger praised national player again cave in the highest tones, “He is a player who dropped 55 games in the sectional level, it can make maximum THERE ARE MANY not so correspond to the world to know why we Bastian Schatzer I … hope, we know that it works, long-term tie to him, “said the 37-year-old manager.

Still said this past week had Bayern president Hoeness At the annual general meeting 3000 members round-Bayern: “I tell you, Bastian: For all of us it is incredibly important to know that you will stay at Bayern Munich.” Schweinsteiger, and the top clubs from Real Madrid as Manchester United courted his Soll, had last time and again stressed in erst. spring to contract talks to be ready.

Because seals: Bayern Test against Holland

The dispute over the compensation in case Arjen Robben between Bavaria and the Dutch football association KNVB, could be ended with a test match between the Munich and the runner-up.

The reported ‘De Telegraaf’. The revenues of the meeting would be shared, the newspaper said. Neither of the Bavarians, however, was still the KNVB have confirmed. Both had, however, indicated to want to present this year a decision

Tymoshchuk dreams about the future at Bayern

Change of mind of Anatoliy Tymoshchuk: After the Ukrainians had a few weeks said insulted to find in winter, the length, the 31-year-old now dreams of a future at Bayern. “Now I play every game for 90 minutes and got a good shape. If that has to continue, then the situation really changed for me. Then I’ll stay here,” said the defensive man.

At least for the match at Schalke Louis van Gaal was the already stamped as a failure shopping ‘Matthew Ukraine’ promised a starting place. “The coach has already told me that I play against Schalke -.. Either as six or as a central defender Mark van Bommel is yes, because he is back for the coach, a regular player,” analyzed Tymoshchuk the personnel situation.

That this will change though the second half, the international has apparently not yet registered as real. If Arjen Robben is fit, likely moves to re-Bastian Schweinsteiger, Mark van Bommel in addition to the set to the position of the classic first ‘6 ‘. For Tymoshchuk, who seemed to be two goals against Frankfurt finally arrived in Munich, would stay again only the space on the hard bench.