Tymoshchuk dreams about the future at Bayern

Change of mind of Anatoliy Tymoshchuk: After the Ukrainians had a few weeks said insulted to find in winter, the length, the 31-year-old now dreams of a future at Bayern. “Now I play every game for 90 minutes and got a good shape. If that has to continue, then the situation really changed for me. Then I’ll stay here,” said the defensive man.

At least for the match at Schalke Louis van Gaal was the already stamped as a failure shopping ‘Matthew Ukraine’ promised a starting place. “The coach has already told me that I play against Schalke -.. Either as six or as a central defender Mark van Bommel is yes, because he is back for the coach, a regular player,” analyzed Tymoshchuk the personnel situation.

That this will change though the second half, the international has apparently not yet registered as real. If Arjen Robben is fit, likely moves to re-Bastian Schweinsteiger, Mark van Bommel in addition to the set to the position of the classic first ‘6 ‘. For Tymoshchuk, who seemed to be two goals against Frankfurt finally arrived in Munich, would stay again only the space on the hard bench.

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